Funding & Budget

Notices of Federal Awards


The Area Plan Budget is a summary of estimated revenue for the upcoming year. The Area Plan is updated bi-annually to incorporate the most recent budget.

Fund Sources

AAA-funding-overviewThe ADS Budget includes Discretionary and Non-Discretionary funds.

Discretionary funds are more flexible in nature and can be directed to meet priority needs in King County. The major discretionary fund sources are:

  • Older Americans Act (OAA), Federal
  • Senior Citizens Service Act (SCSA), Washington State
  • City of Seattle General Fund, local

Non-discretionary funds are mandated for specific services and populations. The major non-discretionary fund sources are:

  • Medicaid Title XIX, Federal
  • Nutrition Services Incentive Program/USDA, Federal
  • Respite, Washington State

In addition to the above fund sources, ADS seeks grants and other funding opportunities for innovative programs.

Notices of Federal Awards
FFY 2019 - 2021 FFY 2021 - 2023


Funding Decisions

The Advisory Council’s Planning and Allocation (P&A) committee recommends strategies to increase or decrease Discretionary funding to service areas. The committee consists of seven members, each representing one of the ADS sponsoring organizations. The Sponsors consider the P&A recommendations when making the final decision on service areas and funding levels.