Funding & Budget

Notices of Federal Awards


The Area Plan Budget is a summary of estimated revenue for the upcoming year. The Area Plan is updated bi-annually to incorporate the most recent budget.

Fund Sources

AAA-funding-overviewThe ADS Budget includes Discretionary and Non-Discretionary funds.

Discretionary funds are more flexible in nature and can be directed to meet priority needs in King County. The major discretionary fund sources are:

  • Older Americans Act (OAA), Federal
  • Senior Citizens Service Act (SCSA), Washington State
  • City of Seattle General Fund, local

Non-discretionary funds are mandated for specific services and populations. The major non-discretionary fund sources are:

  • Medicaid Title XIX, Federal
  • Nutrition Services Incentive Program/USDA, Federal
  • Respite, Washington State

In addition to the above fund sources, ADS seeks grants and other funding opportunities for innovative programs.

Notices of Federal Awards

Funding Decisions

The Advisory Council’s Planning and Allocation (P&A) committee recommends strategies to increase or decrease Discretionary funding to service areas. The committee consists of seven members, each representing one of the ADS sponsoring organizations. The Sponsors consider the P&A recommendations when making the final decision on service areas and funding levels.