The “Now Normal”: Reconnecting with Friends

June 16, 2021 — “Gathering again is going to be complicated and possibly uncomfortable. Naming the elephant in the room is the most powerful tool we have. We need to make the implicit explicit. Even if the elephant is just awkwardness, naming what’s happening and making it explicit allows everybody to take a breath.”—Priya Parker, author, The Art of Gathering and... Read More

Raising Awareness of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

June 11, 2021 — World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2021 is coming up on Tuesday, June 15. This annual event was launched in 2006 by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization within the United Nations. The purpose of WEAAD is “to provide an opportunity for communities around the world to... Read More

Six Steps to Better Brain Health

June 9, 2021 — While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with challenges, it has also taught us lessons. Likely, you have tapped into your emotional reserves and discovered how resilient you are during this time. Brain health, of which mental health is an essential component, has been at the forefront of many conversations with family, friends, and colleagues... Read More

Memory Sunday Focuses on Brain Health, Caregiving

June 7, 2021 — We love Memory Sunday! Why? Because it is a day to talk about our brains, living (and living well) with memory loss, and support for caregivers. Understanding how our brain works and knowing how to take good care of our brain is critical for healthy living as we age. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most... Read More

Mary Mitchell: Steeped in Race and Social Justice

June 4, 2021 — In late April, Aging and Disability Services (ADS) welcomed Mary Mitchell as interim director following the departure of former director Cathy Knight, who continues to support the Aging Network in other ways. Mary is on loan from the Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services’ Consumer Protection Division, where she serves as deputy director. “Mary... Read More

Need Transportation To/From a Vaccine Site?

June 3, 2021 — Hopelink, a nonprofit organization that helps individuals and families find stability in crisis by meeting basic needs for food, shelter, heat, and transportation, has launched a Coordinated Vaccine Transportation Helpline (425-943-6706) as a “one-stop shop” for finding and securing transportation to and from vaccination sites in and around King County. For many communities across King... Read More

Building Awareness and Commitment for a Better World

June 2, 2021 — Most people are aware of the special Sunday in June called Father’s Day. It’s been a national holidays since 1972. But did you know that this tribute to fatherhood can be traced back to 1910 in Spokane, Washington? In my January 2021 AgeWise article, I reflected briefly on my father-in-law as well as my grandfather but did not... Read More

Imposters and Preposterous Offers, and What to Do About Them

May 26, 2021 — A couple years ago, I attended a national conference at which a presenter asked “How many of you have received what you believe to be a scam telephone call just in the days that you’ve been at this conference?” Roughly half the people in the large conference hall raised their hands! I feel that scam calls... Read More

Support, Care, and Easy Access? Meet the Community That’s Making It Happen

May 24, 2021 — Imagine! An accessible, connected system where medical, mental health, community-based and social service organizations work together to coordinate care and support … that no matter what organization you call, which provider you see, the type of insurance you have (or don’t have) or where you access services—you get quickly connected to what you need to be... Read More