Putting Policy Into Action: State Associations and Local Chapters Make it Happen

a portion of the cover of Hearing Loss Magazine, July/August 2017, published by the Hearing Loss Association of America

This article originally appeared in Hearing Loss Magazine, published by the Hearing Loss Association of America (July/August 2017). Submitted by Cheri Perazzoli, director of advocacy, HLAA Washington State Association

On May 10, 2017, Aging and Disability Services, a division of the Seattle Human Services Department, hosted the Care Transitions: We’re All in It Together Conference. It was a perfect example of what happens when local advocates and their allies join together to carry out the mission of HLAA. Dozens of health and human service providers in the Seattle area are now talking about hearing loss, its effects, accessibility, and policies to make sure people with hearing loss receive better care and support. Read More

Editor’s note: For more information about the May 10, 2017 care transitions conference, click here.