Hearing Loss Presentation at the 2017 Care Transitions Conference

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This article originally appeared in Sound Waves, published by the Hearing Loss Association of America Washington State Chapter. By Janet Primomo, R.N., Ph.D. and HLAA member

HLAA Board Chair Dr. Margaret Wallhagen, R.N., Ph.D., and HLAA Board member Dr. Kelly Tremblay, Au.D., Ph.D. (of the University of Washing-ton) presented on “Age-Related Hearing Loss: Innovated Changes in Practice and Policy” at the May 10, 2017, Care Transitions conference organized by Seattle-King County Aging & Disabilities Services. Health and social services professionals and advocates gathered and learned how to empower patients and families to manage their health.

“Communication is essential to our very being, especially during healthcare transitions such as hospitalizations, nursing home care, and hospice services,” said Dr. Tremblay. Read More

Editor’s note: For more information about the May 10, 2017 care transitions conference, click here.