Swedish Optimal Aging Helps Older Adults Stay at Home

Older Caucasian woman petting dog on front porch.

As the aging population grows across the United States, Swedish is developing services that make it easier for older adults to stay in charge of their own health. For many, that equates to staying in their own homes.

According to AARP, adult children are the single greatest source of in-home care for older adults in the United States. Unfortunately, the supply of family caregivers is not keeping pace with the demand.

Swedish Optimal Aging is a one-stop shop that provides trusted, affordable, non clinical advisory and support services to older adults. When older adults are able to stay in the comfort of their own homes, it leads to happier and more fulfilled lives. They stay better connected to their communities, relationships and activities.

Swedish launched the Optimal Aging program February 2016 in an effort to continue providing extraordinary care to those older adults in the communities it serves. So far, Optimal Aging has served hundreds of clients and plans to keep the momentum going.

“As a geriatrician, I focus on addressing health problems related to aging, preventing illness and injuries, and focusing on quality of life,” said Carrie Rubenstein, MD, director of the geriatric medicine fellowship at Swedish. “I’m thrilled that Swedish continues to focus on meeting the needs of older adults in our communities.”

Swedish Optimal Aging services include:

  • Home maintenance—chores, repairs, laundry, and pet care
  • Personal care—bathing, dressing, and companion services
  • Transportation—personal drivers
  • Meals—nutritious meal preparation, grocery shopping, and meal delivery

Clients have the option to schedule one-time or recurring services based on their needs.

The program’s current service areas include King County and south Snohomish County. Older adults residing in these locations can seek services regardless of their health care provider. Visit to learn more.

Contributor Jennifer Bergstrom manages Swedish Optimal Aging Outreach and Consumer Innovation.

Originally appeared on AgeWise King County (July 2017)