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The Great Washington ShakeOut 2022

Published by: aaron


Wherever you are at 10:20 a.m.


The Great Washington ShakeOut - Join us in the world's largest earthquake drill - October 20 Drop Cover HoldThis year’s International ShakeOut Day is Thursday, October 20, when millions of people worldwide will participate in earthquake drills at work, school, or home!

At 10:20 am (local time) on 10/20, you can join millions of people across Washington practicing earthquake safety. While we encourage you to participate with everyone, you can register your ShakeOut drill for any day of the year, and drill at a time of your choice. You can also include people in multiple locations through video conferencing.

If you live or work in a coastal area, ShakeOut day is also a great time to practice your tsunami evacuation routes. Learn more about tsunami preparedness at

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