Chair’s Corner

February 1, 2018 — Last month, the Aging and Disability Services Advisory Council held our annual retreat, which is a time for our members to reflect on the previous year, both to celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. It’s also time to plan for our future—identify what we hope to accomplish in the coming year and how... Read More

A Big Treat—Oranges and Tangerines

January 11, 2018 — When I was a little girl in Alaska, a box of tangerines was a big deal. Each piece was individually wrapped in tissue paper with some special few—for no apparent reason— wrapped in red, green, blue, or gold foil. My sister and I fought over those special tangerines until we figured out we could just... Read More

Test Your Flu IQ

January 10, 2018 — Nobody plans to get the flu, but you can plan to stay healthy with an annual flu vaccination. Test your flu IQ with this quiz, and then don’t wait a minute longer─protect yourself and the people you care about by getting a flu shot. True or False? The flu isn’t serious. FALSE! Getting the flu... Read More

One Fact You Should Know About Disability

January 9, 2018 — Disability is something many people don’t expect to face. In reality, a 20-year-old worker currently has a one in four chance of experiencing a disability before reaching retirement age. In Washington state, there are over 178,000 people receiving disability payments. In Idaho, there are over 44,000. Nationally, there are over 8.75 million. That makes Social... Read More

Get Your Taxes Done for Free by United Way: Keep More─Save More

January 8, 2018 — Have you heard of this free service? Through April 19, any household making $66,000 or less can have their taxes prepared for FREE by United Way of King County. With the help of over 1,000 IRS-trained and certified volunteers, United Way of King County helps low-to-moderate income families and individuals file their tax returns and... Read More

Age Friendly Housing Supports Aging in Place

January 3, 2018 — As highlighted in an article in the November edition of AgeWise King County, AARP recently conducted a survey of adults over the age of 45 in Seattle to inform and guide the Age Friendly Seattle initiative. The survey provided a lot of data on the housing situation of adults at or near retirement age. Eighty-four percent of... Read More

The Chair’s Corner

January 2, 2018 — Happy New Year! I am starting the new year with renewed optimism and focus! I look forward to working with all of you to roll up our collective sleeves and tackle the work ahead—from improving how we share information to advocating for the needs and promoting opportunities for older adults and people with disabilities. I... Read More

Patties and Cakes, Patties and Cakes

December 13, 2017 — Meat patties, such as burgers and fish cakes, can be an inexpensive way to add protein to your diet. They are usually made from ground meat or fish, with egg and added starch like bread crumbs, oatmeal or potatoes to stretch the protein. The added starch helps hold the patties together, so they cook easily,... Read More