Instructions: Phone | Computer | Tablet

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To join the live event:

On any phone (English-language audio ONLY)

  1. Call: 206-207-1700 
  2. Enter: 2494 716 7211
  3. Wait to be admitted

On Facebook LIVE (closed-captioned in English ONLY)

  1. Go to 
  2. Select the “Live” tab under the logo
  3. Click “play” on the video thumbnail  

On a computer (close-captioned in 6 languages**)

  1. Click  Join Event Now
  2. In a web browser (use Edge, Chrome or Firefox), click Cancel in the pop-up window
  3. At the bottom of the page, click “Join from your browser.”
  4. On the next screen, enter your name and email* 
    *or log in with your Webex account  
  5. Wait to be admitted
  6. Wait for Practice Event to conclude (during which there will be no video/audio)   

On a smartphone or tablet 

  1. Install the free Webex Meetings app from the Play Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)
  2. Tap  Join Event Now
  3. When promoted, select “Join”
  4. Accept terms and conditions (first time users)
  5. Wait to be admitted
  6. Wait for Practice Event to conclude (during which there will be no video/audio)    

To use multilingual** closed captioning:

On a computer 

  1. Locate Webex Assistant [“robot”] icon on bottom LEFT of the screen
  2. Locate the [“cc”] icon next to it
  3. Click the DOWN arrow on the [“cc”] icon and select captioning language**  

On a smartphone/tablet

  1. Turn on Webex Assistant by tapping the [“robot”] icon and tapping Turn on Webex Assistant
  2. Tap the [“robot”] icon and and toggle Closed Captions on
  3. Tap Choose Language and select captioning language** 

**Over 100 languages will be displayed, but you can only select one from the following list (subject to change): Arabic, Chinese, Korean, English, Russian, Spanish, or Vietnamese

To participate in the Q&A:

On a computer or smartphone/tablet

  1. Look for the Chat [“speech bubble”] icon on bottom RIGHT. On smartphone/tablet you’ll need to tap the “” first
  2. Click the Chat [“speech bubble”] icon and type your question (English only) in a window that opens 
  3. To use emojis, locate the [“smiley face”] icon, click/tap it and select the desired gesture 

To adjust screen size:

On a computer 

  1. Move your mouse between the presentation slide and people’s videos.
  2. The “||” handle will appear
  3. Click, hold and drag it to the RIGHT to make the slide bigger
  4. Click, hold and drag it to the LEFT to make the videos bigger


With any questions about accessing the live event, please email Please allow at least 1 week for such accommodations as live interpretation. Note: American Sign Language is the only language currently available.