Instructions: Phone | Computer | Tablet

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To join the live event:

On any phone (English-language audio ONLY)

  1. Call 206-686-8357
  2. Enter Conference ID: 224 689 164#
  3. Wait to be admitted

On a computer (close-captioned in 7 languages)

  1. Click  Join Event Now
  2. In any web browser (use Edge, Chrome or Firefox), click Cancel in the pop-up
  3. Click “Watch on the web instead”
  4. On the next screen, click “Join anonymously”*
    *sign-in is not required, but you’re welcome to use any Microsoft account (e.g., Hotmail, etc.) if you prefer

On a smartphone* or tablet*

  1. Install the free Microsoft Teams app from the Play Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)
  2. Tap  Join Event Now
  3. When promoted, select “Open in Teams”
  4. Tap “Join as Guest” and enter your name, then tap “Join as Guest” again

To use closed captioning:

On a computer* 

  1. Click (or tap) “cc” at the bottom right, under the live video window; it’ll be underlined when enabled.
  2. For captioning options, click (or tap) on the “gear” to the right of “cc,” then:
    • Click (or tap) “Captions/Subtitles” to choose one of 7 languages
    • Click (or tap) “Caption/Subtitles Settings” to change size, color, contrast or background
    • Click (or tap) “Playback speed” to slow down the live audio

To participate in the Q&A:

On a computer or smartphone/tablet

  1. At the top of the window, click (or tap) an icon with two speech bubbles and a “?”
  2. Click (or tap) “Ask a Question”
  3. Enter your name, or select “Post as anonymous”
  4. Type in your question/comment and click (or tap) the “paper airplane” icon
  5. Your question/comment will show up under “My Questions” tab with “Private” designation. The moderator may either approve it for posting or mention it in the livestream.

*smartphone/tablet captioning support coming soon!


With any questions about accessing the live event, please email