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Vulnerable Elder Crises: Homelessness and Elder Abuse

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Wallingford Community Senior Center
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103

The March Roundtable Discussion Group for Professionals in the Field of Aging will focus on homelessness and elder abuse, two complex and multi-dimensional problems. Historical patterns of family relationships, financial security, and the local economy can impact risk factors for both homelessness and abuse. An understanding of life-course experience and personal psychology can determine clinical interventions and accessing resources to assist individuals in either of these crises.

The first half of this morning workshop will address themes of exclusion and isolation, managing significant challenges, shifting needs, and resilience in the face of homelessness in the older adult population. Following that participants will turn to the Abuse Intervention Model (AIM) a pragmatic approach to intervention for elder mistreatment as developed by Laura Mosqueda.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe 5 main themes that depict the experience of homelessness for an older adult population.
  2. Understand how housing, poverty and income over the life-course are related to well-being, family relationships and social inclusion/exclusion.
  3. Name 3 risk factors of the victim, perpetrator and environment that applies to all types of abuse.
  4. Describe the Abuse Intervention Model and give examples of clinical interventions to address elder mistreatment.

Fee:  $55

CEUs:  This program has been approved for 3 CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter.  Licensed Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists & Mental Health Counselors are eligible.  Provider number #1975-256. This program complies with WSNA for Continuing Nursing Education for individuals whose professional practice is in the field of gerontology.

To register, contact Barbara Green, MSW, LICSW at or 206-799-7108.

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