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Veterans Day Town Hall Virtual Lunch & Learn

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Free - Facebook Live event


Everyone for Veterans

Veterans Day Town Hall Virtual lunch and learn graphicThis Facebook Live event hosted by Everyone For Veterans is a great opportunity for the community to listen and learn from the 1% who have served in combat zones.

The goal for this event is to foster a better understanding between the civilian and Veteran communities that results in more civilian participation in caring for Veterans. Veterans are encouraged to step forward and address their community directly via pre-recorded video.

Speaker Guidelines

This is an opportunity for Veterans to tell the community what it was like to go to war and the readjustment at home. For members of the community, this is an opportunity to listen, learn and understand Veterans.

  • Speakers will keep this non-political
  • Veterans will be talking about the experience of war or deployment to a combat area and its effect, so please give your name, rank, branch of service and tour of duty.
  • For family members, please state this relevant information of your Veteran family member.
  • Each Veteran will have a maximum of 10 minutes to speak.

All perspectives are valued and important. within the boundaries of good taste in a community forum. Appropriate language is encouraged and appreciated.

Video Requirements

Observe a five-second roll cue at the beginning of each take. Videos must be filmed in horizontal/landscape format.

Cell phone recordings are acceptable.

Interested in sharing your story? Please contact Everyone for Veterans executive director Jessica Elwell:

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