◂  August 2021

Opioids and Opiates: A Discussion of WA Poison Center Trends and Perspectives

Published by: aaron




Discussion around opioids and opiates frequently focuses on substance use disorders, overdose deaths, and illicit markets. There is much more to the picture with these substances, however. At the Washington Poison Center, we help patients with opioid exposures related to substance use, intentional overdoses, medication errors, pediatric accidents, and more. Join us as we explore the basics of opioids and opiates with one of our call center pharmacists. We will cover the opioids we frequently hear about + common reasons for calling us, what we are most concerned about, and our top tips for preventing and reducing harm from opioid use.
Speakers: Jared O’Connor, MPH, MS & Kelly White, PharmD, CSPI

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