◂  July 2021

Welcome Back Weeks: Chinatown-International District

Published by: aaron


Hing Hay Park
423 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104




The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on our residents, small businesses, and neighborhoods, with an acute impact on our downtown core. More than 450 businesses have permanently closed downtown since the pandemic began. Those represent livelihoods lost, families disrupted, and elements of our Seattle fabric completely changed. Downtown is Seattle’s economic engine and heartbeat, and it’s up to us to help it come back better than ever for all those who live, work, or visit.

Our success in combating the pandemic was thanks to our Seattle residents who prioritized community-wide health and acted in their neighbors’ interests, alongside their own. Now, we need to bring that same sense of civic and city pride to our recovery efforts. Our downtown small businesses, cultural institutions, and workers need our support – they can’t fully reopen or recover without us. After a grueling 16 months, the City and our partners are ready to welcome you back downtown, welcome back the arts, welcome back small businesses, and welcome you back to being together as a community. As part of our effort to bring workers, small businesses, and visitors back downtown, the City and our partners are hosting “Welcome Back Weeks” from July 12 – 26.

Welcome back to the Chinatown-International District for a two-day celebration of local food and culture at Hing Hay Park, featuring:
• Martial arts demonstrations, lion dances, and cultural performances
• Live music and performances from local artists Hollis, Chong the Nomad, Evan Flory Barnes, Bleachbear, Daniel Pak, Massive Monkees, Chrysalis Circus, Totem Star, and more
• Vaccine pop-up offering Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer

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