◂  June 2021

The Third Act: Joy and Excitement in the Later Years (NEST)

Published by: aaron


Virtual event


Free but pre-registration required:



Wondering what you will do after retirement? Reflecting on your life and thinking, what’s next? Considering pursuing a new passion, career, or life change? Wanting to figure out your next phase? These are questions many ask as they move into a part of their life termed “The Third Act.”

North East Seattle Together (NEST) invites you to hear from experts and people with experience in redefining their lives during their Third Act. This online event will explore the psychological process of “what is the next phase” and provide tools to individuals as they enter this next phase. The program features a keynote presentation by a licensed psychotherapist and retirement coach, Patricia Kavanaugh. You will also hear from a panel of community and NEST members on what their Third Act has look liked and learn how NEST is supporting people in their transition. .

This event is free and open to the public; however, it is intended primarily for potential new members—older people who live in Northeast Seattle. Read about NEST and see a map of their service area here.

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