Age Friendly Coalition for Seattle and King County

The community-based Age Friendly Coalition supports implementation of Age Friendly Seattle and assists local communities in launching age-friendly initiatives. The Coalition and its committees are supported by staff from the Age Friendly Seattle team. A draft of group descriptions and membership expectations are outlined here.

The Age Friendly Steering Committee provides guidance and leadership to the Age Friendly Coalition for Seattle and King County and alignment with other age-friendly work in the region. The Steering Committee is made up of community leaders who plan and lead activities of the Coalition and provide perspective on project prioritization and resource alignment. The Committee is supported by ADS staff and led by two community co-leads. We are committed to building a Steering Committee that represents the diversity of King County residents and which centers the voices of people of color, older people, people with disabilities and caregivers. If you are interested in learning more or joining, contact us at View the New Member Packet here.

Upcoming meetings are listed below, followed by links to archived meeting minutes, agendas, and other materials (chronological order, with the most recent on top). All meetings are “open table” and we welcome newcomers. Join us!

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Upcoming Meetings

The steering committee meets monthly. Main coalition convenes 2-4 times per year. Workgroups meet on their own schedules.

Steering Committee (click here for meeting minutes):

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 10 a.m. – noon at Seattle Municipal Tower Room 5135 or Skype.

Active Transportation & Public Spaces Workgroup (click here for meeting minutes):

  • Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesdays, 8:30-10:00 a.m., at rotating locations.

Full Coalition (click here for meeting minutes):

  • Next gathering will be in Spring 2020, Date TBD.

Current Materials (click here for Archive)

Steering Committee


Date Materials
January Agenda | Minutes | Decision Summary


Date Materials
November 13 Agenda | Minutes |
October 9 Agenda | Minutes |
September 21 Agenda | Minutes |
July 19 Agenda | Minutes |
June 21 Agenda  | Minutes | Decision Summary
June 6 Agenda | Minutes |
May 17 Agenda | Minutes |
March 15 Agenda | Minutes |
January 18 Agenda | Minutes |

Full Coalition


Date Materials
Agenda | Minutes |


Date Materials
December 6 Agenda | Minutes |
April 26 Agenda | Minutes |
February 15 Agenda | Minutes | Presentation


Transportation & Outdoor Spaces Committee


Date Materials
January Agenda | Minutes | Presentation


Date Materials
December 10 Agenda | Minutes |
October 30 Agenda | Minutes |
October 8 Agenda | Minutes |
September 24 Agenda | Minutes |
August 27 Agenda | Minutes |
July Agenda | Minutes |
June Agenda | Minutes |
May Agenda | Minutes |
April Agenda | Minutes |
March Agenda | Minutes |
February Agenda | Minutes |
January Agenda | Minutes |