Seattle Human Services Department Supports Age Friendly Community Projects

August 31, 2017 — The City of Seattle’s Human Services Department (HSD) has announced recipients of its initial set of Innovation Fund awards. The Innovation Fund was established in 2017 to test new ideas or programs that focus on achieving results and racial equity. This fund made available $225,000 for new ideas related to department impact areas—preparing youth for success, addressing homelessness, supporting... Read More

Civic Technology Hackathon – A City for All

August 31, 2017 — Most of us don’t like to think about aging. Speaking broadly for my Generation X, Millennials, and those coming up behind us, we are aware that the systems put into place to support the Baby Boomers are crumbling. We don’t expect things like Social Security and pensions to be there for us. Economically, we are... Read More

Four Small Changes

August 31, 2017 — So here I am celebrating 10 years of falls prevention and what have I learned? I have my area rug stuck to the floor, I’ve done away with a throw rug by the kitchen sink, and I have grab bars in my shower. I’ve lost weight, I use a cane on the street and I... Read More

Walking: The Wonder Drug

August 31, 2017 — Who among us has never wished there was a wonder drug—or miracle drug—for something that ails us? It turns out there is one! If you want a fancy name, call it Ambulando. That’s the Latin word for “walking.” Walking doesn’t solve every problem but it solves a lot of them! Done on a regular basis, walking... Read More

10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls

August 31, 2017 — The 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day will be observed on September 22, 2017—the first day of fall. In honor of this notable milestone, this year’s theme is “10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls.” Washington Governor Jay Inslee has declared September 22 as Falls Prevention Awareness Day. During this week, many events throughout the state... Read More

The Chair’s Corner

August 31, 2017 — The summer is nearly over, but not without some excitement! I hope many of you were able to safely observe the eclipse. Whether donning those stylish specs or covering your head with a box, it truly was an amazing event. As autumn approaches, I am reminded of a fall that I experienced earlier this year—which... Read More

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)

August 1, 2017 — Immunizations are vital to your health as well as the health of those around you. However, there is a lot of conflicting information swirling around about vaccines. Some of these common misconceptions regarding immunizations are discussed below. Are immunizations safe? Yes, every vaccine undergoes extensive testing before being approved for use, and safety data is... Read More

Know the ABCD and E’s of Hepatitis

August 1, 2017 — Our world is more connected globally than ever before. We have the capability to fly across the globe to see and experience other countries and cultures. There are opportunities for people to immigrate and seek refuge in countries that are not their country of origin. As we become a more diverse nation, it is important... Read More